Fishers Finery Nursing Bra Pads Bamboo Viscose Washable Reusable Leak Proof All Day Night Set

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  • ETHICAL MATERNITY: Choosing to use reusable Nursing Pads has a huge impact on the Earth! You are choosing to reduce waste. Our Nursing Pads are made with a layer of un-dyed Bamboo Viscose / Terry blend that sits against your skin. It is super soft and gentle on the body. This layer is made of 80% Bamboo Viscose and 20% Polyester. The ultra-absorbent second layer and waterproof third layer are made of 100% Polyester.

  • SET INCLUDES: Our Reusable and Washable Nursing Set comes with 1 beautifully printed, waterproof carry bag, 1 mesh wash bag and 8 reusable and washable nursing pads. There are 4 assorted colors in the set: Pink, Blue, Yellow and Peach. The waterproof carry bag makes life a little bit easier. You can store an extra set of pads in the bag while you are out. Swap with wet pads as needed and you not longer have to worry about embarassing public leaks!

  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: This is not your ordinary nursing pad. These reusable maternity pads can be washed and used again and again. They are construction of 3 layers that help to protect and keep you dry. The first is our soft, un-dyed Bamboo Viscose/Terry blend that sits against your skin. Next is an ultra-absorbant microfiber that holds excess liquid and the outer layer is a waterproof PUL in various colors that sits against your clothing. We've added a dart for a contoured and natural fit.

  • NURSING PAD EASY CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We suggest washing pads before first use. Use our complimentary mesh wash bag included in the set and machine wash warm and then tumble dry. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they can form a barrier that interferes with absobency over time.

  • CARRY BAG EASY CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our waterproof bag is not for washing. It is meant for carrying wet pads on-the-go. To wash the carry bag, hand wash with mild soap and line dry.

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Fishers Finery Nursing Bra Pads Bamboo Viscose Washable Reusable Leak Proof All Day Night Set